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March brings a breath of fresh air to the Old Jail Galleries with Sue Shoemaker and her beautiful watercolors, set to poetry.

As an artist and children's book author/illustrator, Sue shines bright. She is open and lively. 

Those who know her won't be surprised by the fun bio that depicts her journey through art. In her words,


"A long time ago, in a land far away, a box was haphazardly wrapped and stuck beneath a Christmas tree. The box held a felt-backed board, play money, player tokens—and 24 of the western world’s greatest paintings reproduced on full-color 3x5 cards. The board game was 1970’s “Masterpiece”, and at the first sight of those glossy cards, the girl who was to become Sue Shoemaker fell instantly and enduringly in love with art. 

In the decades since, Sue Shoemaker’s love for art of all kinds has grown deeper, wider and more passionate. She’s worked in oil, acrylic, paper, glass, fabric and any bit of nature that could be affixed to canvas. In 2022, she fell under the spell of watercolor, and in watercolor found an artistic home. She hopes to spend the rest of her time on earth learning to work in partnership with this beautiful and capricious medium. 

Sue gains energetic inspiration from stories and poetry and finds her greatest joy in illustrating those ideas. Having published her own children’s picture book in 2016, she is currently collaborating with her husband, writer and minister Steve Shoemaker, on two new works for children." 


Join us Wednesday, March 6th for an evening with Sue Shoemaker beginning at 6:00pm. After a short greet time, Sue and her husband Steve Shoemaker will present Art & Soul beginning at 6:30pm.

This third installment of Art & Soul will explore the creative process of Sue's art as it relates to her spiritual journey. A walk through her process will be moderated by Steve and include question and answer time with the audience.

Artwork on
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Kyshona Armstrong
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March 28, 2024

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