COVID-19 UPDATE:  In light of the CDC's protocol for community locations, we will be closing the Iredell Arts Council to events and classes in order to help our neighborhood slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The gallery itself will also be closed during this time.  This may change as new information is received, please check back for any further notices and do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or requests that need our attention. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Artists and Creative Workers,

Arts North Carolina and Americans for the Arts have combined efforts to help you! We have two resources for you.  If you would help the arts community nationwide by filling out a survey, click the link below and let the world know how this virus affects your business.  The second link is for the Artist Relief Fund for practicing artists over 21.  Do not hesitate to let us know how you are impacted and how we can help. 

Artist Spotlight

Mark Flake

Mark Flake is an artist, filmmaker, composer, musician and writer living in Statesville, North Carolina.  As a child, solitude was forced upon him, being the only child of a naval family often on the move. His imagination became his constant, often unrelenting, companion. 


When asked where his interest in art began, Mark describes creating for him as “always.” Mark Flake is not an artist by choice, but rather by compulsion. “I would really prefer not to do it since it is often very tedious, but I always feel like I am being lazy if I am not making something,” Mr. Flake relays when asked what drives him. Fortunately for us, he is not lazy.  His body of work is vast and thought provoking.


Mark enjoys reading, music and movies in equal measure. His series of paintings, Intermission, is a window into his love of movies, but many of his painting series have movie associations.  “With movies you get to sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers and have reflected light beamed into your

eyes, it is actually very good for you,” he explains. Mr. Flake has several short films to his credit and was recently a finalist in an Orlando competition for one of his screenplays.


A guitarist who began his own record label, Wood Records, Mr. Flake has appeared on over fifty albums, according to his website, His musical style is as varied as his artistic interest. Mark also creates graphic art for his own album covers and those of others, weaving his visual art talent back into his performing art talent yet again.


Mark earned his BFA from the University of Memphis, his MFA from East Tennessee State University and has shared that knowledge as a college professor at Mitchell. His art has been exhibited, and won awards, in countless shows, competitions and galleries. Most recently Mr. Flake won a juried show in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is closing a solo show in Dayton, Ohio.


For more of Mark Flake's art, to preview movies and listen to his music, click here.

Kyshona Armstrong

Kyshona began her career as a music therapist and keeps her passion for healing the hurting alive in her music career.  Rolling Stone calls her style " ...a soulful, Southern groove." NPR  says there's a "sense of purpose in the language she chooses." We find it thought provoking and uplifting and look forward to sharing this gem with you June 25, 2020.

Admission Information

2020 Concert Series


Misty River Band CD Release Night

Aaron Burdett

April 30, 7:30pm


We are honored to be the location of the CD release party and concert for the new album of the Misty River Band, Blue Grass Red Skies!

We will be rescheduling this event, keep your eye on our website for further updates!

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